Building and Construction

Construction and Architecture Solutions


Follow-up from idea to implementation

We approach the design of a new project in a way that integrates the required set of knowledge areas that best suits the work at hand

As BIM is the methodology that allows multidisciplinarity in order to obtain the best results, the strategy and vision of the future must necessarily include the adoption of this type of action in the face of the daily challenges we face

construction works


The methodologies that comprise ways of developing projects in an isolated manner, without sharing the knowledge of other areas essential to the continuation of the work, tend not to be efficient and do not reflect the effectiveness that unifying solutions offer


Building and Construction

What will it be like in the Future?



  • Efficiency in information management
  • More information for decisionmaking
  • Improvedperformance
  • Aggregation of the entire construction cycle
  • Model of workinformation
  • Description of various projectfeatures
  • Higher model accuracy, fewer errors
  • Linking projects with animations

It will provide

  • More and better production, fewer resources
  • Easier development
  • Cost, schedule and risk controltools
  • Strengthening of direct relationships between teams
  • Contributions from various quarters
  • Optimisation of the final product