Transport and Infrastructure

Solutions in urban, regional and international mobility

Multimodal Mobility

Surveys using Mobile Mapping

We favour Mobile Mapping technology for the rapid and high-precision acquisition of data for different road projects with various profiles, tunnels, railways, ports and airports, which includes the exhaustive collection of elements such as: the road and its geomorphological surroundings, vertical and horizontal signage , overhead networks and urban furniture, works of art and other infrastructures.



The traffic bottlenecks we see today are being addressed by technology that is already being developed

Drasticallyreducing traffic in cities, improving freight corridors and improving rail routes are challenges that are already being studied

Transport and Infrastructure

What will it be like in the Future?


Map of the future will show:

  • Road gradient
  • Speed limit
  • Radius of the curve
  • Number of lanes

Map will complement vehicle cameras

  • Reading traffic signs
  • At the entrances to localities
  • In bad weather or poor signal condition

CLOUD for data exchange

  • Real-time traffic
  • Danger zones and bypasses
  • Driver information
  • Vehicle Energy Management