Solutions for Industrial Environments

The role in Industry 4.0

Industrial topography on large structures

3D Survey, using high-performance equipment, makes it possible to support precision installations of large machinery, equipment or very large structures, but with high precision and detail in their placement


As built

As built is extremely important in industrial installations, as they are complex environments with potential dangers, as it makes it possible to check whether the construction complies with the standards in force



From point cloud to 3D models

This technique requires advanced calculations that allow the production of point clouds, 2D drawings and geometric 3D models (as built) in Civil Engineering / Revamp(construction, tunnels, dam monitoring ) and Industrial / as built(blueprints, machinery assembly / production lines)



There are solutions from different areas of knowledge that make sense to be applied and/or adapted at industrial level to achieve the best results

As one of the areas where there will be a greater difference between the past and the future of its Companies, innovation is permanently present



What will it be like in the Future?


Industry 4.0

With the set of modifications that the industrial sector is witnessing such as the one seen with Industry 4.0, it is naturally predictable that the demand for answers from quadrants that in the past were not considered, are now seen as strategic partners in functions as distinct as monitoring and follow-up or the relocation and installation of industrial mega-structures that depends on the reliability, precision and accuracy that the most modern methods of survey and measurement can offer in this field, both for their performance and for the speed in obtaining information