Mines and Quarries

Exploration and Mining Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Data analysis keeps pace with technological development

The evolution that mining will witness clarifies how technology will play a determining role in this activity.

It will represent an unprecedented transformation, enabling increased operational efficiency, improved productivity, but at the same time fostering better safety conditions.

With this approach, it will be possible to constantly update and improve the value chain, be it in terms of data integration, planning and execution.

Naturally, this will be a transition process in the sense of evolving the behaviour of those involved in this change towards an increasingly digital and intelligent paradigm, contributing and getting involved in the projects in different ways than today.


The most important thing, also in this area, will be the integration of people, teams, organisations and avoiding isolated behaviours to achieve the objectives and goals proposed to them.

Digital (more) mining could include:

  • Digital sketches of the exploitation plan
  • Detection of geological structures to aid exploration progress
  • Digital models of the evolution of extraction
  • 3D survey for volume determination


Mining is one of the activities that will benefit most from the advances that new technologies for surveying and detecting relief will provide

This transformative and disruptive process is already happening and, if at an initial stage, the processes may require a transition period, after that stage the results will start to be visible and it will be possible to perceive the advantages inherent to these new solutions

Mines and Quarries

What will it be like in the Future?


Natural Resources

The future of extractive procedures and everything that encompasses the prospection, identification and subsequent exploitation of natural resources will influence not only the approach on the ground, but probably everything will happen downstream with the products that come out of it

mining exploration

The prospection

Prospection will be, from the outset, one of the main phases in the increase of obtaining better indications about the objective of exploration, complementing the already existing methods

point-cloud mine-machines

The identification

The identification, as a result of better prospecting, will be more rigorous and incisive, contributing to the subsequent phase taking place in a more targetedmanner



The exploitation may, following new methodologies in the use of the most up-to-date equipment, focus even more on the desired end product, resulting simultaneously, from this approach, in less waste, by-products and non-valuable minerals