Bathymetric surveys in the port of Leixões

To carry out any bathymetric survey project a map with three-dimensional data on the terrain or relief of the seabed is required.

Inside a vessel, Viamapa performs data acquisition and production to ensure the safety of navigation channels as well as the calculation of dredged volumes.

In the aquatic environment, we have various pieces of equipment(single and multibeam echo sounders, hydrophones and transducers) that enable us to carry out detailed and precise bathymetric surveys of submerged areas.

What are bathymetric batimethnical / hydrographical?

Bathymetric and Hydrographic (LH) surveys consist of the study and representation of the bottom of oceans, sides and rivers through the emission and reception of sound signals, emitted by sensors(single or multibeam probes) using vessels equipped for this purpose.

Bathymetry in Viamapa 

For bathymetric models Viamapa has manned and autonomous navigation equipment and echo sounders of various types that allow obtaining three-dimensional data in real time to correct the data captured, in any type of aquatic environment.

Our bathymetric operators work with high-resolution technologies that allow them to calculate and obtain high-definition underwater relief, as well as capture all the objects that exist there, such as underwater structures, sunken boats, sandbanks and all kinds of underwater constructions.

Vessel for bathymetry

The drones drones allow for autonomous navigation to support bathymetry projects, as they provide safe and easy access to areas areas less accessible by traditional means, thus allowing a better characterisation of all the areas under study.

Our bathymetric surveys in the port of Leixões

Viamapa has been awarded the contract to provide topographic support services and hydrographic survey (LH), in the project of the Breakwater Extension and and Improvement of Maritime Accessibility of the Port of Leixões, thus being an intervention in the second largest port in Portugal.

This project aims to create better conditions to improve the safety of the navigation channels and navigability in the access to the larger sea port, as well as,in the manoeuvring area for ships.

The work, begunçor in 2021 and will continue untilé 2023.

The bathymetric surveys carried out by the Viamapa team are carried out regularly, serving as a control for the extension of the main Breakwater using high resolution probes of up to 0.5ºx0.5º with a precision of 750Hz Frequency

Viamapa's main function is to obtain bathymetric data that allowsproject, plan and carry out the work on the sea front. To perform this service our company has a vessel equipped with a multibeam sonar, allowing to obtain maritime coordinates with centimetric precision.

Our company also carries out site supervision using classic surveying techniques on the sea and landfronts.

Applications of Bathymetry

  • Navigation support  
  • Monitoring of dredging projects 
  • Survey of cross-sections for study
  • Support for engineering works (dams, ports, bridges, reservoirs, construction, etc)


River, marine and inland water mapping solutions 

  1. Georeferenced 3D models 
  2. 3D and 3D maps 
  3. Vector and raster bathymetric plans 
  4. Isobathymetric curves
  5. Monitoring and inspection of river, maritime and port engineering structures 
  6. Drawing up and updating nautical charts  
  7. Bathymetric mapping 
Bathymetric point cloud

Main advantages of bathymetric surveys

  • Avoiding material damage 
  • Excellent value for money 
  • 3D map with centimetre accuracy
  • Fast and reliable readings 
  • Continuous bed recording 
  • Fleet of boats and water drones
  • GNSS, DGPS, ADPs, high accuracy dual frequency ADCPs
  • Atlas GNSS solution with satellite dedicated for work in High Seas
  • Security as a priority for your projects 
  • Cost management 
  • Trained staff for any type of intervention 
  • Sharing the geosat group's experience 
  • Low carbon footprint (drone)
  • Use in submerged areas difficult to access (water drone) 
  • Sediment monitoring support in several artworks

SONAR bathymetry data acquisition. What is SONAR ?

A SONAR technology is a sound detection system for acquisition of depth and quality measurements of the bottom of oceans, lakes and rivers. It then produces maps of the environments and objects studiedwhich can be integrated with other cartographic technologies and 3D models to provide a more precise view of the submerged surface. These SONAR systems can also provide water quality measurements and bottom sediment layer profiles.

It is therefore essential to use bathymetry in the preparation of the phases of all projects that take place below the water surface. These bathymetric data are represented by bathymetric curves that connect points with vertical equidistances, similar to topographic contour lines.  

The acquisition of SONAR data is used to create a 3D model of the site to analyse the mining that the area may host, whether it is navigable, the amount of material needed to build a structure, as well as the impact that navigation may bring with the displacement of the body of water. 

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