Monitoring of Metro do Porto in the different steps of the project

The construction of new structures, especially in Underground works as in the tunnels of the Porto Metro line, requires constant monitoring using 'on line' systems that allow permanent monitoring, avoiding accidents or unexpected losses. Viamapa offers a complete range of solutions and latest generation equipment for the analysis and recording of variables for preventive maintenance and vibration measurement using vibration meters.


Monitoring in the various phases of a structure or geotechnical work

Monitoring is work that relies on instrumentation and observation for the control of structures in the different phases (construction phase - operation phase).

In other words, it consists of the measurement, acquisition and analysis of vibrations produced in civil works, avoiding possible risks or failures in preventive maintenance during a work in construction or under demolition.

The observation methodis implemented, thus reducing the costs of a construction site.The various types of geotechnical structures monitored are shown below:

  • High speed lines
  • Buildings
  • Meters
  • Roads
  • Railway network
  • Ports
  • Dams
  • Industrial environments

Our teams are specialised and certified in vibration analysis and provide solutions to our clients by adapting our equipment for the analysis and maintenance of structures at risk.

The obsolescence of many civil engineering structures built after the war creates many human, economic and environmental challenges.

The real-time, automated monitoring of these infrastructures provides the information required for their maintenance by our on-site operators and analysts. This ensures the safety and durability of the buildings.

Work Monitoring Expansion Metro do Porto

Monitoring the expansion of the Porto Metro Line

The expansion of the Porto metro is a real urban development project and will bring the various cities of Greater Porto closer together.

The Viamapa teams, in collaboration with Geosat, were assigned to monitor the various lots on existing structures during the execution of the work to ensure safety.

The teams from Viamapa and the Geosat group installed several Vibration meters (seismographs) in several structures considered sensitive by the Owner.

Monitoring was carried out by our experts from the Geosat group, who were responsible for setting up and checking the data for monthly reporting.

For the installation of our Vibration meters ( Seismographs ), we had to adapt according to the sites, some were installed by drilling, however, in more delicate places, techniques with plaster or special adhesive tapes were requested.

Check out the list of installation points below, as well as some photos that took place on January 5 and February 18, 2022.


  1. Monument to Pedro IV (Monument to Pedro IV)
  2. Forensic Medicine Institute
  3. Rolex Watches - David Rosas
  4. MAGNA Coffee
  5. Les Palaces Building
  6. Carmo Church
  7. São Bento Station
  8. Congregational Church
  9. Santo António Hospital
  10. Parking of Building nº58
  11. Restaurant Xau Laura
  12. School EB2/3 Gomes Teixeira
  13. Parking at the Viceroy Hotel
New stations expansion Metro do Porto

Why is monitoring existing structures so important?

The collapse of the Genoa bridge in Italy, which unfortunately claimed victims, is concrete proof of this. In this sense, it is essential to use real time monitoring to prevent risks and safeguard heritage.

Our experts have created the most suitable systems to monitor the performance of structures, taking into account the dynamic or static nature of the phenomena observed, but also the application environment that can be aggressive in different cases of marine structures, dams (corrosion) or bridges (lightning). In recent decades, global warming (storms, high tides, sea level rise), the advanced age of structures or the change of use have required effective monitoring, in addition to visual observations.

Monitoring devices, through the exponential development of IoT(Internet of Things), make it possible to have real-time data in abundance and at low cost.

Infrastructure monitoring can bring benefits to all phases of a construction project such as:

  • Avoiding vibration damage
  • Automated monitoring
  • Keeping a structure in place
  • Risk Management, avoiding possible accidents
  • Real time monitoring
  • Safety and durability in construction
  • Accurate measurement of environmental impact
  • Reduced costs
  • Monthly reports
  • Cloud Access 24/24 7/7


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