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Students from the Faculty of Porto FCUP accompany Viamapa, which offers work opportunities!

With almost 20 years of existence, Viamapa is a Portuguese company based in Greater Porto, specialized in topography services. It covers several activities related to measurement, but four main areas of activity are highlighted:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Hydrological studies
  • Aerial Cartography
  • Mobile cartography

The Faculty of Sciences ofthe University of Porto (FCUP) is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Porto. Science and technology coexist in order to respond to the great challenges of world society.

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In the context of a collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and Viamapa, a study visit to the Port of Leixões was made with the students of the 1st year of the Master in Geographic Engineering. This was a way for students to have a concrete idea of the possible applications of their studies... And what better way than being directly in the field with a Viamapa professional in topographic engineering and bathymetry!

In addition, the dredging site is still underway, so the students were able to see the extent of the work in real time, try out the equipment, perform the work methodology, from calibrating the devices, to measuring the speed in the sound of the water and even acquire data for future processing.

In this sense, Viamapa thanks all the students from the university who participated in this visit, as well as, the teachers. It is with great pride that our teams can transmit their knowledge and show their work to today's young people who represent the future of Portugal and the country's economy in general.

We have several job vacancies in various areas and this will only get better in the coming years, recruitment is constantly evolving, and this is a good sign for the inhabitants of Porto, Douro Valley, Vila Nova de Gaia, Lisbon among other Portuguese cities.

Students or recent graduates, you can send your CV and application here

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Hydrographic works in Portugal

Every year Viamapa teams carry out several works in the fields of hydrography and bathymetry. All the fields of application of our knowledge are presented on this page.

During this visit with the students, the construction work was in the spotlight. But what does this work involve?

Viamapa provided hydrographic survey (HS) services for the breakwater expansion project. In particular, by supporting the world's largest dredger, we will improve maritime access to the port.

This project aims to create conditions to improve the safety and navigability of the access roads to the port, making the area more suitable for manoeuvring large ships.

Bathymetric surveys carried out by our team are carried out regularly and are used to verify the extent of the main breakwater with high resolution soundings.

Viamapa's main function is to acquire topographic data of the seabed to enable the planning, programming and execution of maritime works. To perform this service, we have a vessel equipped with a high-resolution multibeam sonar. You can find details of the work explained by our engineer here.

FCUP students visit porto leixoes viamapa

Job offers in the city of porto


We are one of the Portuguese leaders in topographic measurement, but not only!

Every day we contribute to the positive transformation of the world in which we live. Our 130 employees in Portugal, France and Africa have had the same ambition for almost 20 years. We are also present in France and have been collaborating with the GEOSAT group on numerous projects for 4 years. Learn more about our history here.

Through various actions, such as the tour with the University of Porto, we give great importance to the recruitment of talent that will be the driving force of the company tomorrow.

In addition to your technical skills, we provide professional support so that you can develop your skills, grow and progress internally.


Join our team


Want to join our teams? Here are the steps you need to follow. Our recruitment process is the same for everyone, whatever your profile.

  1. Application : Easy !
    Send us your application on our recruitment page: here.

  2. Pre-selection: We consider all profiles!
    We start by examining the candidate and, if they match the competencies expected for the position, they will be shortlisted. Depending on the position, this step is sometimes completed by a telephone or video interview.

  3. The choice : You are on the right track!
    If you are selected as a finalist, our recruitment manager will forward your application to the appropriate manager. If selected, a further face-to-face or video interview will be scheduled to assess the behaviour and/or technical skills and motivations expected to join our group. After the interviewyou will receive a reply.


  4. Recruitment : Final stage !
    If you
    are selected, the Human Resources Department will contact you regarding the contractual phase.

  5. Welcome : Congratulations !

We wish you a successful integration and will accompany you throughout our collaboration.

If you are motivated and have a CV(curriculum vitae), you can find all our job offers here (please note that vacancies are updated regularly).

You haven't found a job that suits you? No problem, you can send us a spontaneous application here, all CV's are reviewed !

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